Bagrina, Začinak, Prokupac, Vranac and Smederevka are autochthonous and old varieties that are nurtured in this region. Bagrina gives a white wine with gold yellow color and distincive Buke. This old grape variety today is replaced with Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, and Semillon. Začinak serves like bojadiser. Black tamjanika is a variety that Negotin is unique for, and yields are here higher that anywhere else. Monastery Bukovo wine cellar and Bukovo Agricultural school are great at producing this wine. Red Burgundy, Prokupac, and Game have an exquisite reputation, with intense red color, pleasant taste, and buke. The most famous white wines are Bagrina, Semillon, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, and Smederevka.

The vine has been nurtured in Negotin and surroundings since III century.  At the time of phylloxera in the vineyards of France, during 70´s in XIX century. Negotin is mentioned to be vine exporter to France, Hungary, Germany, Russia because the local vine was bred on live sand on the coast of the Danube and phylloxera couldn’t hurt it. According to today’s estimates, Negotin vineyard has around 1000 hectares under vine.

Rajac wine cellars

Located near the village Rajac, on a hill by Timok river, they represent a unique architectural complex of wine cellars from the half of XVIII to the first half of XX century. There are around 270 wine cellars around the central square. Built of hewn stone and logs and covered with hollow tiles. Cellers are partially buried into the ground so the temperature wouldn´t vary so much through the year.

On a hill above the village, where the wine cellars are located, lays one of a kind cemetery whose monuments are made of sandstone, like the breweries are. Because of the lands incline all the monuments are distorted, and those with hats are considered to be male and without female monuments. It is considered that it dates from the XVII and XVIII century.


Rogljevo wine cellars

Wine cellars in village Rogljevo represent a complex of 150 wine cellars. Most of them are built in XIX century, but it is presumed that they existed in XVIII century also.

Like other settlements, wine cellars were formed by improper streets with middle plateau and covered well as cultural and meeting place.

Many wine cellars keep and guard their quality wines for more than century.

Smedovac wine cellars


These wine cellars are different from other complexes because they are located at the village entrance, on a road to Rogljevo and Rajac.

No reliable data is found about building these wine cellars. On some of them the date is carved in, but for some is presumed to be built in the second half of XIX and the first half of XX century.

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