In Negotin, every tourist will find its ideal place to enjoy in this region gastronomic specialties or famous wines.

Culinary offer is extremely wide, from fish to ethnic restaurants.

Tavern 202+ Tavern 202+

Located in the downtown area, it disposes with 80 places and a garden.

Fully climatized.

They serve barbecue meals.

Trg Đorđa Stanojevića 14, Negotin
+381 (19) 542 641
+381 ( 63 ) 7774164

Local food restaurant „Forma“ Local food restaurant „Forma“

Here you can try the local foods, great barbecue, and famous Negotin vine.
This restaurant has a beautiful summer garden and they can accommodate up to 70 people.

Ulica Hajduk Veljkova 79
+381 (19) 541 100

Restaurant „202 Lepi“ Restaurant „202 Lepi“

This restaurant offers barbecue meals and pleasant ambient.
Guest can try the fresh homemade bread and local wine.

Fish tavern “Sidro” Fish tavern “Sidro”

Small and beautiful tavern with summer garden. Except for the fish dishes and soup, you can try game dishes from this regions hunting area.

Karapandžina 1
+381 ( 64 ) 18 96 773

Tavern “Hajduk Veljkov Raj” Tavern “Hajduk Veljkov Raj”

This tavern is in the city center and it is one of the oldest taverns in Negotin, famous for its barbecue.

Ulica Radeta Nedeljkovića 2
+381 (19) 545 600

Tavern “202” Tavern “202”

Tavern with domestic cuisine where you can taste grilled specialties and a famous Negotin wine.
There is also a small summer garden in its structure.
The restaurant has a capacity of 70 seats.

Ulica Ljube Nešića 10
+381 ( 63 ) 40 41 95

Tavern “Dobar dan” Tavern “Dobar dan”

The tavern is located in the peaceful part of the city and they will offer you a very rich menu to choose from, that is what sets them apart from others.

Ulica 12. septembar bb
+381 ( 63 ) 8064064

Ethnic Restaurant Konak Ethnic Restaurant Konak

Near the town´s plaza, you will see restaurant Konak.
They serve old meals like “vlaški kačamak” and homemade dishes.

Hajduk Veljkova 1
+381 ( 64 ) 134 87 30

Restaurant “SOS” Restaurant “SOS”

Beside Mediterranean, Mexican and Chinese kitchen, SOS prepares local dishes also.
They can accommodate 65 people, and there is a summer garden and a parking.

12. septembar 5
+381 (19) 560428
+381 ( 63 ) 7876865

Local food restaurant „Zlatno burence“ Local food restaurant „Zlatno burence“

Located in the downtown area, they are known for their river fish special dishes and barbecue.

Ulica Obilićeva 5
+381 (19) 545 412

Restaurant „Kod gospodina“ Restaurant „Kod gospodina“

Located just outside Negotin, on a picnic area Badnjevo.
You can see the whole city and surroundings from there.

+381 (19) 543 011
+381 ( 63 ) 80 46 569

Tavern “Vesela Kafanica” Tavern “Vesela Kafanica”

Near city fountain, there is a tavern Vesela Kafanica. Nice interior and the pleasant atmosphere get enriched by live performances.

Save Dragojevića 1
+381 ( 61 ) 319 35 01

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